This is us….

We’re just cruising the country trying new places, meeting new people and exploring as many beaches as we can.  We always hated winter so from 2011 we have banned them from our normal life.  Hopefully we can spend the next few decades doing laps of Australia together.  This blog is like our diary of travel and events and we have chosen to make it public so that all those named in our Will can keep track of how much we are spending.

Graham’s favorite sayings – “Happy Trails” (Roy Rogers and Gene Awtry,)  “I never trusted Klingons and I never will” (James T Kirk – Commander USS Enterprise,) “I don’t work here, I’m just having fun.” (Dr Who.)

Clare’s favorite sayings – “Where’s my sunglasses?”  “How far is the next petrol station?”

Rig = Nissan X Trail 4WD   Olympic Sprinter Caravan with side awning/annex and rear awning.  Olympic size swimming pool and gymnasium under the bed.


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